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OSHA Fall Prevention & Protection

Train-The-Trainer Course

If you want quality training from a group of Safety Professionals that are Board Certified (www.bcsp.org) and have been established since 1974 then you have come to the right place.  We don’t rent equipment, sell parts, or do repairs.  Every class we teach is taught by a Professional instructor that takes the time to explain the materials and answer any questions that you may have.  Our training program is based off of the Federal OSHA Regulations requirements and meets the training guidelines.

OSHA Fall Prevention & Protection Train-The-Trainer 8 hr Course Content:  All participants will first complete an OSHA Fall Prevention & Protection classroom session presented by one of our professional trainers just like they are attending a student class.  They will receive classroom instruction and open discussion in Methods and Types of Fall Protection Systems.  This unique experience gives the trainee a chance to see quality training conducted with a high level of expertise and professionalism, from which they can model their future training.  Participants must pass a written test to demonstrate their understanding as a student.  

Participants will then be presented with their own Train-The-Trainer materials.  Compliance issues and the specific safety rules/standards will be studied and discussed to assure all participants understand the basic concept of the training requirements.  Participants will be required to pass an "Instructor Test" to assure competence in the OSHA regulations that have been presented.  Participants are required to study and present a portion of the classroom training for practice and evaluation purposes.  Each student will be critiqued and helpful suggestions will be offered for trainer improvement.

Each Student Will Receive:  (1) Fall Protection Train-The-Trainer Card with no expiration date, (2) Fall Protection Train-The-Trainer Wall Certificate,  (3) Instructors Manual with all forms, quizzes, etc in 3-ring binder for easy duplication, (4) USB thumb drive containing all items in Instructors book in electronic format (not locked or controlled for editing), (5) Training Videos, (6) Power Point Presentations with further training media, (7) Written copy of basic Fall Protection & Prevention Training Program (meets OSHA approval and all compliance guidelines) will be included in Trainer’s Manual.

Date of Course:  Scheduled on an as needed basis.

Cost of Course:  The cost of this 8-hour course is $950.00 per student.  Please call 281-353-1512 for more information and a detailed quote specific to your needs.

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